Sam Sulek Legs Workout

Sam Sulek Leg Workout

sam sulek legs

Sam sulek is an american fitness Influencer who post his daily workout routine  on the youtube and tiktok he has more than 2 million subs on you tube.he is just 21 years old and have physique of mature body builder . he is also famous for his high carbs diet and chocolate  shakes. he eat ham burger in his post workout .

 Sam Sulek was born on February 7, 2002 in the megacity of Delaware, in the American state of Ohio. He’s 180 cm weighs 108 kg and is 21 year old. Sam’s wheel sign is Aquarius and he has an aged family and a youngish family. 

His Famous Leg Workout 

sam sulek leg curl

1. lying Hamstring curls  

his first is lying hamstring curls. he do this for 3 sets of failure  . even perform some partial reps in the end of the set for better  pump . 
sam sulek rdl

2. stiff Leg Cable Deadlift 

next exercise is stiff leg deadlift also known as RDL . he perform this exercise for 2 sets of 12 reps with some heavy ass weights . 
sam sulek leg extension

3. Single leg extension  

his next exercise is single leg extension for 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps to pre exhaust the quads for the next exercise that is squat . this exercise gives him more pump which makes the squats more harder.
sam sulke squats

4. squats 

then he move to the squats for 2 sets . he goes for failure in both sets with some heavy weight . he perform squats by stepping on a plate , both the heals touch each other . it is very difficult to perform so do it with a spotter .
sam sulek leg workout

5. legs extension 

then he moves to the leg extension for a single set to the failure . after this set he is not able to stand properly  and end his leg exercise . 

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