Sam Sulek Arms Workout

sam sulek workout

Sam Sulek Arms Workout

Sam Sulek is an american Amateur bodybuilder . Sam is 5 feet 11 inches tall weighs more than 250 pounds. he post his workout videos on you tube on daily basis . Sam’s authenticity  is what  makes him so special on Youtube . He doesn’t exaggerate his personality on the camera, so his video feels real and easy to connect with . You can this in his raw thumbnails .

he started posting his training routine as spring bulk day 1. his training technique is also different from many bodybuilder , which is the reason of his uniqueness . he is also known for his big arms , his recent arms workout is mentioned below . 

cross cable triceps

1. Cross Cable Triceps Extension > 

 His First Exercise is cross cable triceps extension . he performs 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps with medium weight to stimulate the long head of the triceps . he locks his elbow at the end of the rep to pump the muscles.
dumbbell extension

2. single hand Overhead triceps extension >

 His second exercise is single hand overhead triceps extension with dumbbell for 2 sets of 10 to 12 reps . in this exercise he tries to stretch the long head of the triceps . at this point his triceps are fully pumped and fatigued . 
triceps cable extension

3.Triceps cable extension > 

his last triceps workout is cable extension for 1 set only. in this set he performs  till the failure and even partial reps in the end to fully exhaust the muscle . he end his triceps workout here and move to the biceps . 
incline cable curls

4.Incline Cable Curls >

his first exercise for biceps is incline cable curls for 2 sets of 12 to 15 reps with some heavy load . he holds the weight for 1 second at full contraction and slowly stretch the muscle .
machine curls

5.seated machine Curls > 

 his 5th exercise is seated machine curls of 2 sets for 12 to 15 reps . he fully exhaust his biceps muscle in this exercise . he also perform some partial reps in the end of sets to hit the peak of the muscle
close grip pull

6.close grip lat pull down >

his last second exercise is seated close grip lat pull down for 1 sets till failure. he perform this exercise in memory of mike mentzer . this exercise is best for the inner bicep .
sam sulek workout

7. standing Biceps curls >

 his last exercise is standing biceps curls for 1 set only to fully fatigue the biceps . now he ends his workout full a great pump that he can’t even touch his ears 

you can read more workout routine of sam sulek here



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