Mr. Olympia 2023 All Category Winner

Mr Olympia 2023

Who won Mr Olympia 2023 ( All Categories )

The 2023Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional Bodybuilding competition and exhibit held from November 2 – 5, 2023, at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, Florida. It was the 59thMr. Olympia competition held. Other events at the exhibition included the 2023 212 Olympia Showdown, as well as tests in Men’s Classic, Men’s Physique, 2023Ms. Olympia, Fitness, 2023 Figure, 2023 Bikini Olympia, among other contests. 


1. Open Bodybuilding

Derek Lunsford was named 2023 Mr. Olympia on Saturday night at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. In bodybuilding’s most prestigious event, Lunsford came out on top. After finishing second in 2022, Lunsford was once again in a two-man race between himself and Hadi Choopan.

Mr Olympia 2023 winner Derek lungsford

2. Category 212

The prestigious Olympia 2023 championship concluded proudly with Keone Pearson as the winner of the 212 division. He made it to the top by defeating the reigning two-time Olympia champion, Shaun Clarida. Though Clarida seems to be more muscular than Keone, he failed to win his coveted Olympia title 3 times.

Keon 212 winner

3. Classic physique class

In this category cbum has won 2023 classic physic Olympia 5th time in a row . He defeated Ramon dino again and attain 5th sandow . Ramon dino is runner up and urs is on 3rd place . But this time Ramon dino was so close to the wining . Next year will be much more difficult for the cbum to win.

Cbum 2023 winner

4. Men's physique

Three-time Men’s Physique Olympia champion Brandon Hendrickson scored silver, and for the first time in nine appearances, Ryan Terry claimed the gold. He won after a very long time . He is playing for 9 years constantly. He also had chances to win last year but due to the controversial decision of the judges he hadn’t won . But this time nothing wasn’t able to stop him to pick up the sandow 

Ryan terry

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