How To Gain 10kg weight in 30 days

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5 Rules to Gain weight

There is 5 basic rules to gain quality mass into your body . But it is also depends on the body type of the individual. There 3 types of body that are endomorph ectomorph and mesomorph. It is very easy to gain weight for endo and meso but extremely difficult for ectomorph.but if you follow these 5 golden rules then you definitely won’t regret.

nutrition is necessary for the body| healthy food| cut junk

1.Calories Surplus Diet

You have to take some extra 400 to 500 calories on your diet to surplus the diet which gives body some energy to put on some muscles  . When you train your body it burns calories which creates a deficit then you have to add some more calories in the form of carbs .

Carb are good source of energy it digest faster then fat and protein it helps your body to give some extra minutes in your workout specially while lifting heavy.

2.Compound Lift

Compund lifts

What are compound lifts? Compound lifts are any strengthening exercise where you’re using more than one muscle group at the same time. They include exercises such as squats and deadlifts, and there are plenty of benefits to be had from doing them

3.Deep Sleep

Deep sleep in the night

Although all the stages of sleep are necessary, deep sleep is especially important for brain health and function. This stage of sleep helps the brain rest and recover, allowing it to replenish energy. It also plays a role in the reinforcement of declarative memory, or remembering facts.

4.Progressive overload

The rock

Progressive overload training is a type of strength training that involves gradually increasing the intensity or difficulty of workouts over time. The goal of progressive overload is to maximize results by regularly challenging the body..



You also have to add some extra supplements like whey protein Bcaa Creatine etc to add some extra benifits because it is difficult to give proper nutrition with raw eating. 

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