Best Diet For Gaining

What to Eat for Gaining

Dieting plays an important role in the life of a every person who try to get fit but if you want to go another level like putting some muscle mass or some other goals you also have to take your diet along with it . Diet depend on your body type and your goal . If you want to maintain your weight as it is then you have to take diet according to your weight plus calories you are burning during workout  and if you want to cut some weight then you need to go through deficit. But if you want to add some weight on your body , some quality muscle mass then you have to go calories surplus . Diet is basically measured in calories. Your diet should have good proportion of micro and macros nither should be extra nor should be less . Dieting is not for 3 or 4 times In a weak infact you have to adapt it to your life . Diet should be modified and trackable. It must be elastic. 

Best diet for Gaining so far is mention below with balanced macro and Micro .This Diet is divided in 4 meals .

MEAL NO. 1 ( Breakfast )

Protein smoothie

Protein smoothie

Ingredients –  2 bananas  /  2 tbsp peanut butter / 1 scope whey protein/ 250 ml milk /  1 cup oats / some nuts 

MEAL NO.2 ( Lunch )

Chicken rice

Chicken rice with broccoli

2 chicken breasts

½ teaspoon Tony Chachere’s Original Creole Seasoning

2 Tablespoons Tony Chachere’s No Salt Seasoning Blend

⅓ cup full-fat Greek yogurt

1 box Tony Chachere’s Creole Butter and Herb Rice 


Eggs and rice

Eggs rice and sweet potato

200 grams of plain boiled rice

 5 egg whites and 2 sweet potato

2 bananas + 1 peanut butter sandwich 

MEAL NO. 4 ( post workout )

Chicken breast

chicken breast 200 grm

1 scope whey protein or gainer  with 200 grams of boiled chicken breast and some salad . + 2 cup icecream to increase insulin levels



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