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our website offer different services to Beginners to start their fitness journey. we provide  free training schedules according to the body type . Gymnazia provide training program of different muscle group in the sub-menu . you can choose Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advance categories according to your level . You can also read different post related to health and fitness .



A natural path of well-being

Hey there, fitness buddies! I’m Tushar Sharma , the brain behind the Gymnazia. i want to share my journey of natural body building from Beginner to Advance. I started my journey at the age of 17, i was just a teenager who wanted to gain some weight to look cool among friends. I’ve enrolled in a local gym which does not have any certified trainers . All i have is my gym partner who introduced me to the gym. He also did not have much knowledge about exercises. I followed him even though he was doing the wrong exercises. I feel extremely humiliated  when people at the gym points out my mistakes . So i started following so many influencers and their different ways of training . 

I faced so many problems like –

1.Lack of Knowledge: Understanding proper exercise techniques, equipment use, and workout routines can be overwhelming initially.

2.Self-Consciousness: Feeling insecure or judged by others in the gym can hinder confidence.

3.Setting Unrealistic Goals: Unrealistic expectations may lead to frustration and disappointment.

4.Consistency Issues: Establishing a consistent workout routine can be difficult due to time constraints or lack of motivation.

5.Choosing the Right Exercises: Deciding on the most effective exercises for personal goals can be confusing.

6.Overtraining or Undertraining:  Finding the right balance in workout intensity and frequency can be challenging.

7.Patience: Results take time, and impatience can lead to frustration or  giving up

My Motivation

Only thing that made me overcome these obstacles is motivation. Motivation plays a crucial role in my fitness journey by providing the drive and enthusiasm needed to establish and maintain healthy habits. It helps me to stay committed to my fitness goals, overcome challenges, and persevere through setbacks. Setting specific, achievable goals and finding intrinsic motivation can enhance the overall success and sustainability of the fitness journey. I stay motivated by many ways like 

1. Set clear, achievable goals.
2. Break goals into smaller milestones.
3. Celebrate successes along the way.
4. Engage in activities I enjoy.
5. Vary my workout routine.
6. Exercise with a friend for accountability.
7. Visualise my fitness goals regularly.
8. Track and measure my progress.
9. Remind myself of the benefits of staying active.
10. Explore new workouts or classes to prevent boredom.

Realistic Goals

 Goals in a fitness journey provide a clear direction and purpose. They serve as a road map, helping you stay focused, motivated, and disciplined. Setting specific goals allows for measurable progress, provides a sense of achievement, and helps create sustainable habits. Goals also enhance accountability and provide a framework for adjusting your fitness routine as needed, ensuring a more effective and rewarding journey.

Consistency Counts

Consistency is the backbone of my successful fitness journey. Regular exercise and healthy habits over time lead to my sustainable results. Consistency helps me to  build momentum, strengthens discipline, and reinforces positive behaviour. It ensures that I  make gradual progress and avoid setbacks. By staying consistent with my workouts and nutrition, I  created a foundation for long-term health benefits and overall well-being in my fitness journey.

Nutrition is the key

Balanced Diet : Diet is crucial in a fitness journey for several reasons. It provides the necessary nutrients to fuel your body for workouts, supports muscle recovery, and influences overall health. A balanced diet contributes to weight management, helping you achieve and maintain fitness goals. Proper nutrition enhances energy levels, mental focus, and immune function. It’s an integral part of achieving a healthy lifestyle and maximising the benefits of your fitness efforts. Remember, fitness is not just about exercise but also about nourishing your body with the right foods.

Dieting plays an important role in the life of a every person who try to get fit but if you want to go another level like putting some muscle mass or some other goals you also have to take your diet along with it . Diet depend on your body type and your goal . If you want to maintain your weight as it is then you have to take diet according to your weight plus calories you are burning during workout  and if you want to cut some weight then you need to go through deficit. But if you want to add some weight on your body , some quality muscle mass then you have to go calories surplus .

 Diet is basically measured in calories. Your diet should have a good proportion of micro and macros; neither should be extra nor should be less . Dieting is not for 3 or 4 times In a week in fact you have to adapt it to your life . Diet should be modified and trackable. It must be elastic. 
Meal Hacks: this is how I  Simplify my meals by following ways –

1. Meal Prep: Prepare ingredients in advance.
2. Batch Cooking:Cook in larger quantities for multiple meals.
3. Quick Recipes: Opt for simple and quick recipes.
4. One-Pot Meals: Minimise cleanup with one-pot dishes.
5.Healthy Snacks: Keep nutritious snacks readily available.
6.Smoothies:Blend fruits and veggies for a quick, nutritious option.
7. Pre-cut Ingredients:Buy pre-cut veggies or fruits.
8. Grains and Legumes: Choose quick-cooking grains and canned legumes.

Lesson from my Journey

As i spend more than 4 years in the fitness industry , I came to know that following any influencer blindly can slow down your progress.every body has its own type . you need to experiment with your training style and find out which training style suits you better .

over training and under training also slow downs your results . an idol intense workout of 45 minutes is better than over training because human body can recover only up to a specific limit . select your diet according to you aim, if you want to cut down your weight then you need to go calorie deficit  and calorie surplus if you want to put on some weight .

Our Community

I recommend you to join our community to attain best result . we  make it more easy to achieve you objective either it is fat loss or weight gain .we  offer different services like-

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