you need to experiment with your training style and find out which training style suits you better .

over training and under training also slow downs your results . an idol intense workout of 45 minutes is better than over training because human body can recover only up to a specific limit . select your diet according to you aim, if you want to cut down your weight then you need to go calorie deficit  and calorie surplus if you want to put on some weight .  Read more……



our website offer different services to beginners to start their fitness journey.

 we provide  free training schedules according to the body type . gymnazia provide training program of different muscle group in the sub-menu . you can choose beginner/ intermediate/ advance categories according to your level . you can also read different post related to health and fitness .I recommend you to join our community to attain best result . we  make it more easy to achieve you objective either it is fat loss or weight gain .we  offer different services if you selects our premium plan

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